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Grouts & Epoxy Floor System Malaysia

Epoxy flooring is a perfect solution for factory and warehouse, it is chemically safe and extremely durable for heavy duty works.


The Five Advantages of Epoxy Floor

  1. Aesthetics 

    Epoxy flooring is high aesthetics and can be applied as a seamless, easy-to-clean floor surface with wide-ranging customizable color options and various gloss levels (glossy, satin, matte).

  2. Maintenance

    The concrete layer in the epoxy flooring is protected from dirt, liquids, chemicals, and other impurities, making the floors easy to maintain and kept clean.

  3. Safety

    Epoxy flooring can include a non-slip profile by broadcasting sand onto the wet body coat during application. This is an essential facet for commercial or industrial spaces as occupants’ safety is a primary concern.

  4. Durability

    An industrial flooring withstands daily heavy loads from various equipment and manufacturing processes. An epoxy floor can suffice most industrial manufacturers’ durability needs with a material that is erosion and chemical-resistant.

  5. Environment Suitability

    Epoxy flooring is excellent for various environments such as industrial, commercial, medical, food, and beverage manufacturing, as it has one of the most versatile flooring options.